How Do We Measure The Geopathic Stress Lines

Several different earth grids – a regular pattern of crossing energy lines which surround the earth – have been dowsed, each with their own characteristics, to measure the geopathic stress lines. Some of these energies alone or in combination with other energies, it is thought, may cause illness. The best known are the “Hartmann grids” and “Curry (diagonal) grids”. R. Schneider discovered two others called the 3rd and 4th (diagonal) grids. The distance between lines in a specific grid form appears to vary according to latitude and form a rectangle rather than a square. Each grid form has a different orientation.


Discovered by the physician Dr Ernst Hartmann in 1954 and described in detail in his book Krankheit als Standortproblem (Illness as a Location Problem), The Hartmann grid is an earth grid named after Dr Hartmann who it is thought was the first to observe earth grids. It is a world wide grid in accordance with the earth’s magnetic field. Its lines measure between 8 and 12 inches in width approximately. These lines are spaced about 6 feet apart in the north-south direction and about 10 feet apart in the east-west direction. However, these values can vary immensely depending on geographical location and the straightness of the grid lines can be affected by high voltage power lines and radio stations.

Where ever two rays cross – a “Hartmann Knot”, a geopathogenic point is found. These single crossing points do not constitute much of a health hazard unless they pass through the area of the head in the bed site, which can cause insomnia, depression and migraine type headaches. Crossing any other part of the body in the vast majority of cases would not produce any discomfort. However, Sleeping over crossings of double negative lines, which repeat at approximately 35m. intervals, can cause nervous disturbances, headaches, cramps and rheumatic illnesses.


The Curry grid is an earth grid named after the German doctor Dr Manfred Curry who was the founder of the Bioclimatic Institute in Bavaria. The Curry grid runs diagonally to the Hartmann global grid. Its lines measure between 12 and 16 inches in width and are spaced between 8 and 11.5 feet apart. Like the Hartmann grid, the Curry grid also encompasses the entire Earth. It is thought to be more biologically damaging than the Hartmann, especially the double lines that occur at approximately every 50 metres. The double negative crossings are associated with sleep disturbances, depression and other nervous reactions, inflammations and rheumatic diseases; and also with the sites of stocks and pillories, and hellebore plants. Double positive crossings encourage enhanced cell enlargement and proliferation, even to the point of cancerous growth.

Moon cycles influence the intensity of the Curry grid. At full moon, energy levels are particularly strong where it intersects with the Hartmann Grid. Some maintain that if it also crosses an underground waterway at that point, it becomes especially dangerous for people. During the day, its intensity wanes, but at night it can lead to insomnia (Bachler and Living, 2007, 217-218; Dale, 2009, 108-109; Schumacher, 2005, 93-97).