‘Geopathic’ comes from the Greek words ‘Geo’, meaning ‘of Earth’, and ‘pathic’ comes from ‘pathos’ meaning disease or suffering. ‘Geopathic’ therefore connotes disease of the earth.

In simple terms, Geopathic Stress is the detrimental effects on living things that result when the natural frequency of the earth is distorted by natural or certain man-made radiation. The resulting ‘negative earth energies’, as they are often termed, can result in discomfort and even disease.

Earth is a giant electromagnet; its core produces natural electric currents and magnetic field known as Schumann Resonance (7.83Hz). This natural Earth radiation can be distorted by other weak electromagnetic fields — caused by various underground formations such as running water, mineral concentrations, geological fault lines and cavities — as it rises up through the earth.

Geopathic Stress (GS) can also result from electromagnetic fields produced by electrical wiring, lighting, domestic appliances (clocks, computers, microwave sets, radios and TVs), telephones (cellular phones) and power-related equipment (electrical generators, transformers and pylons).