About Company

Our Vision: “Technology for enhancing Human Health & Vitality”

Progressive Awareness Research Sdn. Bhd. (PAR), located at Damansara Perdana (PJ), started its operations in Malaysia since June 2004.

PAR’s mission is to provide technological products that can help people to change and enhance their health without causing side effects, thus creating a world of wholesome health and harmonious living. PAR has been serving the Southeast Asian countries over the past 13 years, and has benefited thousands of families over the region.

about_page-02PAR first introduced the “InnerTalk®“, the world’s leading mind improvement program to impart positive mental state for all ages. We have today more than 20,000 customers base.

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In view of the growth of stress, anxiety, depression, insomnia, and other wellness issues in today’s fast pace society, the company brought in CES Ultra™ in 2014. Currently endorsed by FDA, the technology used in CES Ultra™ was adopted in Europe since the 1950s and US in the 1960s. Neuro-Fitness, LLC enhanced the technology over the years with more than 100 strong clinical scientific studies backing. CES Ultra™ is being distributed through health practitioners and medical doctors.

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In 2017, PAR has brought into Malaysia the “Geo Origin Harmonizer”- a quantum breakthrough integrated health harmonizer. Geo Origin is the only “Living Space” Harmonizer developed by integrating all known technologies of sacred geometry, holographic, quantum entanglement, crystalline programming and materials science. Fully tested in more than 1000 sites with amazing results over the past 17 years, especially in supporting health related issues, Geo Origin enables full spectrum frequency regulation of the yin and yang centrifugal forces, to bring optimal health and peak performance to us.